Damn It

Another little update- this week has been going OK other than the drain thing.  I thought that the rule was less than 30 cc for 48 hours, so I was ALL excited to get Righty out today, since I’ve been putting out less than 20 cc per day.

And did I mention that because the nerves in my breasts were cut last summer, the only thing that actually HURTS is the drains?

Anyway, called 1st thing this AM, hoping to get in today.  I did get to take a shower yesterday, but it’s not quite the same with puss bulbs hanging around your neck & plastic taped to your side to protect where the puss bulbs attach to the body, you know?

I was just starting to think I needed to call them back, it was 12:30p and I called at 8a, so I was giving them until 1pm, when the phone rang.  The conversation went a little something like this:

  • Hi- you called about your drains?
  • Yes, I’ve been below 30 cc for 48 hours now, and I’d like to get them out.
  • Your surgery was Monday, right?
  • Yes.
  • The doctor likes to have the drains in for at least 1-2 weeks after surgery minimum.  When you become a little more active you’ll like see increased output.
  • I took my son to the dentist, his doctor, and saw my own dentist yesterday. And I could barely get enough to come out to cover the bottom of the cup this AM after 12 hours that included a shower.
  • Are you milking the tubes, are there any clots at the site?
  • Yep, milking several times a day, but nothing is coming out.  There are no clots.
  • OK, well if it stays low, give us a call next week.

OK- more detail than you needed, but I just kept thinking, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”  I think if I’d been told there would be a one week min, then I would have mentally prepared. But as it was, I was convinced that the damn things would be coming out today, or if they wanted me to wait to do both at once, tomorrow, since Lefty needs one more low output to be at the threshold.

Other than THAT, as I said, I’m doing fine.

Bored, so I’ve been obsessively picking out brooches on Etsy with which to make a statement necklace, which I will likely never actually do, even though the original idea to do with a couple that were my grandmothers’ (1-2 from each) is an awesome idea.  (I’ve now mentally “made” four and counting.)

I’m trying to read “Lean In” because it seems like the thing to do, but I keep dozing off, but then wake up right away, so I’m not really getting any good sleep, but that is nothing new.  I will continue to spend at least another month sleeping on my back, so MAYBE in May I’ll get a good nights sleep, but I’m not counting on it.

As I read back over this, I feel like I’m being awfully complain-y for someone who is having a pretty good week of surgery.  I don’t mean to, but look at it this way, if boredom, the effing drains and the same lousy sleep are all of the complaints I can come up with after having my chest sliced open and getting to Boobies 3.0, then this week really isn’t THAT bad.

Looks like so far, my luck is continuing to hold!

UPDATE: Got a call at the end of the afternoon, and looks like they WILL be coming out tomorrow after all.  Won’t count on both until it happens, but I’m a pretty happy camper!

One thought on “Damn It

  1. Complain all you want Ange! I’d be pretty annoyed too. You’ve put up with a lot of medical interventions and just want your body back.

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