Insult To Injury

Not the best title, but it’s really all I could think of when I woke up yesterday with DRAINS.

I’m trying to stay positive, and know that they took out more skin & tissue so that I wouldn’t have jowls on my implants like I did before, and that if they didn’t give me drains, then I’d have to go in to Seattle for them to stick a needle in me to drain the gunk that is now oozing out of me into the lovely little puss bulbs, but still, it sucks.

The crappy part at the moment is that since my chest is still numb from getting the nerves cut last summer, the drain site is the only place that hurts.

Really, I’m feeling pretty good. Sore, but good, and despite the drains, my spirits are pretty high.

I’m still a little out of it with the anesthetic getting out of my system, and the oxy on board, but I’m planning to stay on it for a couple of days, but I want to stay light on the meds.  I’m thinking that when you don’t feel TOO bad, pain can be an indicator that you’re over doing it.  And knowing me, I might have a tendency to over-do.

So that said, I’m going to stop typing, since this is making me a little sore and my mom will yell at me for that as soon as she reads it. 🙂

PS- Hit submit & realized that I forgot to tell you how the sitting up thing worked.  Evidently they had my arms already strapped to arm boards to move them out of the way to get to the boobs, so then they sat me up.  They MIGHT have used a strap on the head if I was slumping, but I didn’t have any weird marks on my forehead, so hopefully no.

The other strange thing about yesterday was that the doc came in before hand and marked me up with a Sharpie to make sure she had lines of symmetry to get the boobies even.  My thought was… they make you do all of this scrubbing beforehand, two showers with icky soap… so do they use a new Sharpie on each person?  Seems wasteful, but seems counter productive to scrub and then have the pen transfer germs from another person. OK, REALLY logging off now!

One thought on “Insult To Injury

  1. Oh Ange! I’m so sorry you have drains. I know how much you were wanting to avoid them. Think of them as breast cancer ninja nunchucks!

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