Happy Valentine’s Day from the 4th Grade

My son’s teacher wanted the children to write individual notes to each student.  So we made felt fortune cookies, and my 9 year old typed out the “fortunes” to each of his friends.

I’m pretty sure that my kid is the cutest thing ever… so I have to share with all of you.

Mrs. R- You’re the best 4th grade teacher ever!

M- We’ve always got something to agree on. I’m glad you’re my friend!

B- I am fortunate to be in your class this year.

W- You are amazing in music class.

A- You’re the best speller in 4th grade.

M- You have a great voice.

M- Your history knowledge will affect me forever.

B- You seem like you’d make a great friend. Let’s try that sometime.

H- You seem like the nicest and most polite student I’ve ever met.

G- You are a very fast runner.

J- You have such an unmistakable kindhearted smile.

G- You have a kind and loving face.

M-You make a great classroom representative.

S- You’re what makes everything interesting.

E- You’re an expert at everything.

S- Our friendship goes beyond scouts.

P- If there’s one friend I never forgot over the ages, it’s you.

T- We’re starting to get along now. Let’s keep that up.

T- I can always count on you to find jokes in my favorite TV shows that I missed.

J- Athletic or mental, we’re friends in everything.

P- We’re so close that we should become official friends.

D- You always have your smile on.

R- Throughout your big body, you always have a touch of kindness for that big smile of yours.

M- You have the prettiest face in the class.

N- It seems like we were good friends some time ago. I want to relive that memory.

C- You look a lot different than your sister. That’s what makes you interesting.

H- You have a very unique personality.


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